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Responsibility for the future Projects

B.T. Best Tools Company

Sludge composting station – Campia Turzii

Unique sludge composting station in Romania utilizes a pioneering technology with a closed hall and biofilter for air treatment, addressing odor issues from the previous facility. The process transforms sludge into compost, reducing air pollution and providing a sustainable solution that benefits the environment and local households. The resulting compost serves as a high-quality natural fertilizer, fostering a closed-loop cycle that minimizes environmental impact and resource consumption.

Bosch Group In Romania

Sustainability @ Bosch Group

Bosch emphasizes economic, ecological, and socially responsible practices as the bedrock of its success. The sustainability strategy focuses on climate action, water conservation, health, circular economy, human rights, and diversity. Achieving carbon neutrality marks a significant milestone. In Romania, Bosch contributes to electromobility, installing charging stations, and employing green energy solutions. The company invests in fuel cell technology, strives for emissions reduction in vehicle technology, and explores climate-neutral drive options. Overall, Bosch aims to enhance the quality of life while safeguarding the environment through innovative, sustainable practices.

Continental Romania

Continental Romania is a Community for the Community

Technology company Continental is involved already since 2000 in the sustainable development of the Romanian communities the corporation is part of. This year, Continental is partner and sponsor of one of the major social and cultural projects in Romania, the Timisoara – European Capital of Culture 2023 Program (TM2023). The three locations of Continental in Timisoara (Automotive, Tires, ContiTech) allocated over 200,000 euro for many of the activities contained in the events agenda, for e.g. Smart Diaspora Conference, Jazz Festival, TechTalks, Brâncuși exhibition, Flight Festival etc. In parallel, many other initiatives are facilitated for the society with the participation of the legal entities within the country in Carei, Iasi, Sibiu, Timisoara.

DAR Dräxlmaier Automotive S.R.L.

Empower Tomorrow’s Future

The transformation journey of Dräxlmaier Pupils Development Program

DAR Dräxlmaier Automotive S.R.L.

BA I New Building- environmentally friendly

Dräxlmaier Timisoara undergoes Extension Phase 1, advancing its transformation into the Dräxlmaier Centre of Excellence for Eastern Europe. The project prioritizes sustainability, exemplifying the integration of natural elements and on-site energy generation. Green roofs mitigate rainfall impact, curb the heat island effect, and foster a eco-friendly atmosphere. Photovoltaic panels across viable areas ensure on-site energy production, while design minimizes dark surfaces, decreasing urban heat island effect. Solar tubes provide electricity-free lighting, and passive/active heating methods employ heat recovery, passive ventilation, and rainwater reuse.

Eco Sud S.A.

Biological Drying for MSW in DAP Vidra Landfill

Eco Sud&Eggermann participates with the project “Biological Drying for MSW in DAP Vidra Landfill”, a waste processing system reduces landfill mass by 55%, resulting in only 45,630 t/a of MSW fines being landfilled. Methane emissions at the landfill are decreased by 3,160 t/a, equivalent to 79,000 t CO2 per year, using IPCC calculations. Liquid emissions are managed through a system, and gaseous emissions primarily consist of water vapor and odor, with minimal impact on neighbors due to an enclosed system. Surface water from rain does not come into contact with the waste.

Flip Technologies

Study on the degree of familiarity with the principles of circular economy among companies in Romania

They carried out a survey among companies in Romania to see how familiar they are with the principles of circular economy, how willing they are to implement them, what actions they have already taken, but also what are their motivations to choose more sustainable solutions, as well as the main challenges they face. They received answers from 631 companies, and created a report of the study, together with iZiData, which was launched at their very first event dedicated to the business environment, Flip Sustainability in Business Talks. The report of the study is freely available online.

Fundatia Bosch Romania

Exploratori de Poveste

Antipa & Racovita-Exploratori de Poveste/Story Explorers is an interactive exhibition at the Grigore Antipa Museum of Natural History, developed in partnership with the Bigger Picture Association. Using multimedia technologies, it offers a family-friendly experience, including sensory games and a digital Treasure Hunt. The initiative by Fundatia Bosch Romania aims to promote STEAM education, making science accessible through a museum setting.

Fundatia Bosch Romania

The Bosch Reading Fund

The Bosch Reading Fund, in collaboration with the Curtea Veche Association, promotes reading awareness among students through book donations and the establishment of reading clubs. It initially focuses on donating thousands of books to 30 public schools in Cluj, Alba, and Timiș counties, with an emphasis on rural areas and small cities, fostering a habit of reading among students.

Fundația WorldSkills Romania

Biodiversity education in urban spaces

The “Biodiversity Education in Urban Spaces” project, supported by WorldSkills Romania Foundation and funded by Raiffeisen Communities, promotes vocational education aligned with UN and EU goals. With backing from Erasmus+ and the EPLUG platform, it focuses on climate change adaptation, urban well-being, and collaboration with the GREENVEU project across six European countries. WorldSkills Romania also backs sustainable gastronomy and waste reduction campaigns at the national level. The project aims to provide educational opportunities, emphasizing European values and fostering skills for young people’s integration into the labor market. It originally targeted eight agricultural high schools, expanding partnerships to share biodiversity protection practices with secondary schools. Support materials, developed in collaboration with the Association of Landscape Architects of Romania and SC Biomimicry SRL, include booklets, worksheets, dictionaries, and films dedicated to urban biodiversity. The project involves mentoring activities for teachers and students through workshops.

GETEC Servicii Energetice

LIGNIN2ENERGY Waste-to-Value – Solution by GETEC

GETEC designed and built a complete power plant using lignin as a main fuel in order to produce steam and electricity needed by customer’s plant.

Grup Feroviar Roman

GFR School

Grup Feroviar Român (GFR), the leading company of GRAMPET group, is Romania’s largest private rail freight transport operator, employing over 1,084 people in 2022, with 60% being under 40. Notably, GFR established the GFR School in 2017 to address the shortage of skilled railway professionals, offering diverse courses for roles like locomotive engineer, train master, and more. The school is inclusive, welcoming individuals in professional reconversion or unemployment insurance, as well as secondary school/professional school graduates aspiring for railway jobs.



H4L – The Village in Pipera, situated on 270,000 sqm of green lakeside land, features 1136 houses (P+1) with 35-70 sqm gardens and 148 premium townhouses (P+2) with 100-200 sqm gardens, setting new standards for housing quality in Romania.

Hy-Farm Microgreens

Hy-Farm Microgreens

Hy-Farm operates in a franchise-like model, aiming to make microgreens widely accessible in Romania. This approach is both business-efficient and environmentally conscious, reducing carbon footprint by minimizing travel. The focus is on supplying HoReCa businesses, fostering entrepreneurship and creating job opportunities, while partners have the flexibility to sell microgreens to a broader audience.

Karpaten Schätze

Power Motivation and Sustainability

Introduction of returnable bottles and stainless steel drums as primary packaging and self-financed photovoltaic system at the beginning of the energy crisis and energy management since then.


Do Good

Do Good is a collective driven by a profound sense of responsibility and a mission to contribute to a better world. Through carefully curated endeavors, they aim to bring about transformative changes through incremental yet impactful measures.

National Company Unifarm

The National Pharmaceutical Center

Medical and pharmaceutical responses are crucial to saving lives during any humanitarian crisis and force majeure situations. These responses include the provision of both supplies and qualified human resources. A growing number of humanitarian crisis situations happen due to natural causes (due to global warming, climate change and natural geographic processes), as well as the global socio-political scenario with a growing number of unresolved conflicts, economic tension and international disputes.

Nhood România

Coresi District – a complex and sustainable ecosystem

Coresi, the largest mixed-use urban regeneration project in Romania, covers 120 hectares on the former Tractorul platform in Brasov. Developed in partnership with the city, it constitutes about 8% of the city’s usable area and aims for a 15-year vision. Cartier Coresi, the initial phase, transforms an industrial area into a diverse space with a shopping resort, residential area, business campus, co-working spaces, a hotel, and a community hub, fostering a ’15-minute city’ concept for improved quality of life and reduced environmental impact.

Oechsler Romania.Srl

The way to carbon neutrality at OECHSLER Romania-scope 1 and scope 2

OECHSLER Romania aims to achieve carbon neutrality by the end of 2025 through the purchase of emission compensation certificates and implementing sustainable practices such as building a 932 KWp photovoltaic installation and purchasing green energy.

Phoenix Contact

All Electric Society

The project “All Electric Society” envisions a carbon-neutral, sustainable world powered solely by renewable electricity. This comprehensive vision integrates sector coupling, linking various aspects of life and work like energy, mobility, industry, and infrastructure into a unified system. Through efficient electrification, networking, and automation technologies, the project aims to ensure reliable energy distribution, consumption, and storage, while minimizing reliance on fossil fuels.

Pria Confernces Srl

PRIA Environment

With a focus on environmental issues, their PRIA Environment conferences bring together experts, companies, and authorities, providing valuable insights, networking opportunities, and influencing regulatory changes. They’ve successfully reached thousands of online attendees, contributing to positive impacts on legislation and fostering a sense of responsibility for the future.

Princo Grup

Implementing comprehensive sustainability initiatives

Implementing comprehensive sustainability initiatives in 2023, including thermal rehabilitation of estate buildings, solar panel installation with plans for expansion, promoting local employment and development in rural areas, repurposing unproductive land for factory construction, and ensuring eco-friendly wood production with FSC, ISO9001, and ISO14001 certifications.

Process Engineering SRL (KLARWIN)

The New Landfill Leachate Treatment Plant – Brasov County Municipal Waste Landfill

FinEco Brasov Municipal Waste Landfill, in partnership with Klarwin, upgrades leachate treatment capacity to enhance current and future operations, striving to be a technologically advanced and sustainable landfill in the region. Their investment in landfill gas collection and cutting-edge reverse osmosis technology demonstrates a commitment to environmental protection. Overcoming challenges, FinEco aims to be a long-term asset for the community, promoting advanced waste management practices beyond Western standards.

ProCredit Bank S.A.

ProCredit EVconnect charging stations – publicly available

ProCredit Group initiated a project in 2021 to establish an electric vehicle charging network across Eastern European countries, expanding to over 300 stations by 2022. ProCredit Bank, a pioneer in Romania, installed 18 publicly accessible charging points in 2022, promoting sustainability and partnering with clients. The bank’s commitment to environmental responsibility is evident, with plans to introduce fast charging stations and ongoing efforts to enhance sustainable mobility solutions. The project’s impact includes 1400 registered charges, over 12,800 kWh energy consumption, and a reduction of approximately 10.78 kg of CO2 emissions from January to October 2023. The bank is now in the second phase, aiming to expand and install additional fast charging stations in strategic locations.

Restart Energy Democracy Platform S.R.L.

RED Platform – The Future of Energy

RED is a secure platform utilizing proprietary blockchain technology, fostering climate care by helping companies reduce and offset CO2 emissions. The Restart Energy Democracy Platform connects consumers, renewable energy producers, and carbon credit buyers, facilitating transparent trading and certification of green projects through blockchain for sustainability.

Rodagria Produce Cooperativa Agricola

Rodagria Agriculture Cooperative

The Rodagria Agriculture Cooperative, established in 2015, practices regenerative agriculture on 58 hectares, cultivating cherries, strawberries, raspberries, various fruit trees, and cereals. They promote an economically and energetically sustainable circular model, aiming to support local development and combat climate change. The cooperative focuses on product diversification, social welfare, and eco-friendly practices. Their products are sold through various channels, including stores, online platforms, and events. Notably, they own facilities like a cold store, fruit processing line, and beehives. Regenerative practices involve forest protection, solar panels, pollination by bees, and habitat creation. The cooperative is involved in climate impact evaluation and collaborates with universities and organizations. They plan expansion, with a new store, educational projects, and events to engage the community and promote sustainable agriculture. The ultimate goal is to inspire a social movement towards regenerative agriculture for a resilient and sustainable future.



The project focuses on enhancing waste management in Iasi through a comprehensive approach, involving upgraded collection points, modernized machinery adhering to Euro 6 standards, e-programs for optimized routes, video monitoring, RFID on containers, and improved digital services. Additionally, it addresses air quality, collaborates with NGOs for Weee collection, and emphasizes communication through promotion campaigns.

Schmitz Cargobull Romania

Delivery of the first fully electric refrigerated semitrailer in Romania and CE

Schmitz Cargobull has delivered the first customer electric refrigerated semitrailer to Blue River 78 to use for short distance distribution (from main depo to the local stores) for Lidl Romania

She is Mom

She is Mom

The mission is to offer mothers and women opportunities for professional development, to create a better world with gender equity balance, and to simplify their life by creating a service-based company.

Social Innovation Solutions

Climate Change Summit

The Climate Change Summit in CEE, a significant event addressing current and future climate challenges, recently held its 2nd edition in Bucharest on October 19/20, 2023, with 1700+ participants discussing solutions, green economy, and climate action. The event garnered global attention, reaching an audience of 830k+.

Telus International


The mobile app addresses the problems of food waste and inflation, by connecting users with local food retailers, including grocery stores, gas stations, bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants and hotels.


Academia Micilor Ecologiști

Successful collaboration fosters sustainable education: Academia Micilor Ecologiști, a partnership between TenarisSilcotub, Sustainable Cluj Association, and Earthrise, promotes environmental education through workshops, impacting over 600 students in Zalău and Călărași communities, laying the foundation for positive change and sustainability.

Transparent Design SRL

Transparent Design Green Team – tangible actions for measurable results

Dedicated to environmental stewardship, they took significant steps in 2021 at the new facility, including a solar plant for energy efficiency, a shift to electric and hybrid cars, a water treatment plant for conservation, and a glass recycling policy.


WDP Park Bucharest – Stefanestii de Jos: the industrial park of the future

WDP Park Bucharest – Stefanestii de Jos, comprising Stefanesti I and II, has grown since 2016, having a total built area of 340,000 sqm and 14 tenants. WDP Romania focuses on environmental sustainability, implementing photovoltaic panels with 13 MWp installed capacity and a biodiversity project, creating a 141,000 sqm green area. The projects support the parks tenants’ sustainability goals, and the photovoltaic panels offer a financially beneficial solution. The biodiversity initiative aims to neutralize 4,160 tons of CO2 emissions, and the photovoltaic panel project aims to decrease the carbon footprint during the entire lifecycle of the project with approximately 180,000 tons of CO2.