AHK awards registered projects

Innovation and new technologies Projects

Ainsiders SRL


Innovative metal sorting solution integrates desktop technology with modular spectrometry, lasers, and sensors for real-time analysis, enabling precise sorting and dynamic parameter adjustments in an industrial setting.

Aquabiotec Engineering S.R.L.

Bolintin Waste Water Treatment station

Construction of Bolintin waste water treatment station with innovative technology AQUABIOdom.

BCR Pensii, S.A.F.P.P. S.A.

First 100% online enrollment process for a Romanian Pillar 3 fund

BCR PLUS (Pillar 3) can be accessed fully digital through BCR’s George platform. This is the first 100% online enrollment process for a Romanian private pension fund.

Bibi Touring Touroperator srl

hybrid catalog

Hybrid catalog with up to date price dynamics

Black Sea Offshore Centre

Innovative RORO system

Innovative floating RORO loading-offloading system flexible to various quay layouts and RORO vessels.

Bosch Group in Romania

Innovations and new technologies @ Bosch: TesserHub “100 Days Journey” business accelerator and AQT Program – Digital Shopfloor Training Transformation

Tesserhub facilitates Bosch Engineering Center Cluj’s exploration of innovative business models through programs like the “100 Days Journey,” aiming to nurture groundbreaking ideas from concept to validated Proof of Concept. AQT (Associates Qualification and Training) is a shopfloor tool optimizing training management, skill tracking, and evaluations, ensuring up-to-date knowledge with real-time notifications for a user-friendly and transparent experience.

Chimcomplex SA Borzești

Construction of a high-efficiency trigeneration plant of a maximum of 8 MW at Chimcomplex S.A. BORZEŞTI – RAMNICU VâLCEA BRANCH

The project involves an €8 million investment in Romania’s Large Infrastructure Operational Program (POIM) to develop a high-efficiency trigeneration plant. This plant utilizes natural gas to produce electricity, heat, and chilled water, achieving a global efficiency of over 88.37%. The project aims to contribute to clean energy and energy efficiency targets outlined in Priority Axis 6 of POIM, supporting a low-carbon economy. The plant, designed to operate in various conditions, aligns with EU energy efficiency directives and is expected to generate 52,024 MWh/year of electricity and 90,000 MWh/year of total thermal energy.

Computer Generated Solutions Romania

AI enhanced recruitment experience

CGS Romania implemented a leading pre-employment assessment platform in the recruitment process to assess everything from personality to typing skills to language literacy, depending on the role. Using this artificial intelligence (AI) tool, CGS can align candidate profiles with job requirements and quickly ramp up services to deliver a more mature support team to address customers’ needs.

Continental Romania

Continental Romania is driving the future of mobility

Continental in Romania focuses on developing cutting-edge automotive technologies, notably producing key components for Head-Up Displays in Timisoara. The company is actively shaping the mobility landscape in Timisoara, Iasi, and Sibiu. The Timisoara location houses a mega factory producing essential aspherical mirrors for HUDs. Additionally, Continental’s Romanian team contributes significantly to the verification and validation of large automotive components using advanced equipment called “mega-shakers.” Furthermore, the company showcases its expertise in high-performance computing with the Smart Cockpit HPC, emphasizing a balance between user experience, system performance, costs, and rapid development time. This positions Continental as a leading technology company in the software-defined vehicle market, with a dedicated Romanian team contributing to this technological advancement.

Deutsche Leasing Romania Ifn Sa

Financing process – fully electronic ( Virtual Captive Platform-VCP, Automatic Risk Decision-ARD and E-Signature contracts)

In a rapidly changing landscape, adaptability is crucial. The Virtual Captive Platform (VCP) optimizes financing for Romanian farmers, integrating an ARD tool for quick decisions through public information and introducing E-signature for increased efficiency and faster client response, eliminating paperwork.

Devhd Premier Partner ServiceNow

Automation for hybrid Workplace

Implementation of personalized self-service portal on the ServiceNow platform

EasyDO Digital Technologies SRL

KeyPaaS Smart Energy Platform

KeyPaaS.com is an energy management platform streamlining gas data collection and transmission. It automates the transfer of information, connecting equipment and sensors to a centralized system, supported by a dedicated infrastructure, communication integration, and a maintenance team, providing a comprehensive 24/7 service.

easySales (SmartIT Global SRL)

easySales SaaS platform

E-commerce’s expansion led to a proliferation of diverse sales channels; a universal integration solution enables automated management of listings and orders from a centralized hub, offering cost-effective efficiency compared to manual or custom-built multichannel alternatives.

Elite Searchers

One2One (HR Application)

The One2One app addresses communication challenges in companies, especially for certain employees with limited access to emails due to shift work or on-site presence. By providing a flexible platform accessible via phone numbers, it centralizes HR functions, allowing for feedback, surveys, messages, and incentives, fostering a more inclusive and motivated work environment


AI-Enhanced and Modernized Digital Platform for Intelligent Sewer Inspections

Evozon’s project introduces an AI-driven digital platform for sewer inspections, enhancing traditional processes with efficient data management, cloud solutions, and AI-based damage detection. The platform’s adaptability to various data types, including video, enables dynamic display and extraction of information from robot-generated content. The advanced AI system excels in identifying and locating damages through video analysis, providing precise visual representations and supporting batch actions for streamlined workflow. The platform’s scalability and integration capabilities signify a groundbreaking solution, showcasing innovation in sewer infrastructure and inspection services, meeting current demands while paving the way for future advancements in the industry.


Graphein & Autodesk Construction Cloud Success Story

Autodesk Construction Cloud emerged as the preferred software solution, distinguished by its array of functionalities catering to the company’s needs.



H4L – The Village in Pipera, situated on 270,000 sqm of green lakeside land, features 1136 houses (P+1) with 35-70 sqm gardens and 148 premium townhouses (P+2) with 100-200 sqm gardens, setting new standards for housing quality in Romania.

Heberger Romania

Heberger Pipera Eins

Integrated HVAC system featuring underfloor heating and active cooling through fan coils, utilizing a 4-pipe system. Hot water preparation is achieved via a heat pump as the primary source, supplemented by a gas boiler as a secondary source. The system is complemented by 60kWp photovoltaic panels for sustainable energy generation.

Holland Farming Agro

Horizon Clima-Mount Resilence

Developing resilient communities in Romania’s mountainous areas through sustainable solutions for maintaining and utilizing mountain meadows. The project aims to conceptualize, test, and scale up multi-level, multidimensional climate change adaptation and nature-based solutions, addressing policy, societal needs, and citizen behaviors to mitigate specific climate impacts in mountainous regions.

JS League Technologies


Bit&R is an inclusive education platform designed for K-12 students to learn programming through game development. It employs a proven learning approach, integrating code-build-share principles, allowing children to modify and create games for collaborative learning. The platform’s game-based interface is engaging, and its adaptive model provides customized feedback and extra levels based on individual learning paths. Teachers can leverage Bit&R as a supplementary tool, creating classes, assigning projects, monitoring code and performance, and assessing students with grades or additional exercises.

Kema Tronic

Circular economy with NANO GREEN in organic farming

By applying the results of the technology in treatment plants in Romania and the EC, the following actions can be achieved for Organic Agriculture: Production of activated water, with plasma, with electromagnetic effect, with ultrasonic effect and as a result of UV rays; Recirculation of treated water, CO2, N2, mineral mud, phosphorus, trace elements.

Medialine Eurotrade

Medialine FlexiDesk

FlexiDesk contributes to innovation-focused business development, successful creation of innovative products, supports development initiatives in Romania, and facilitates know-how exchange between Romania and Germany, yielding tangible results for company growth.

Mediatel Data

Elevating Customer Experiences through Omnichannel Solutions

Mediatel implemented an omnichannel solution for Romanian Commercial Bank, a part of Erste Group, with the primary objective of establishing a seamless customer service experience across various channels. The project emphasized the incorporation of customer-centric features such as video interactions and voice biometrics, alongside the integration and routing of communication channels (voice, email, chat, video, and social media). Additionally, it involved the development of a conversational IVR system and the implementation of workforce management.

METRO Romania

METRO has strategically implemented a comprehensive digital ecosystem, aiming to become the most digitalized wholesaler on the local market

METRO is prioritizing digitalization and innovation for development, focusing on internal enhancements through digital solutions for streamlined processes and externally by introducing digital services and products for traditional traders and hospitality entrepreneurs.

MHS Truck Service

Remote Assistance System

The project is an example of implementing advanced technologies – Remote Assistance System – in the workshop processes.



The Planteneers project offers a swift virtual configuration experience, enabling users to customize plant-based products by selecting food category, protein source, and properties. Users can seamlessly navigate through the application, exploring customizable options and ordering product samples tailored to their preferences, while also discovering recommended products based on their selections.

National Company Unifarm

Emergency channel for medicines

Global medicine shortage impacts all income levels and encompasses various types of drugs, from life-saving to oncology and cardiovascular medications. The shortage stems from a range of factors, including manufacturing challenges, raw material unavailability, logistical issues, commercial problems, and demand-related issues such as just-in-time inventory, increased demand, seasonal fluctuations, and unpredictability.

NXP Semiconductors Romania

Security Firmware and Drivers

Security Firmware and Drivers product is integrated in NXP Vehicle Integration Platform for Service-oriented gateways.

NXP Semiconductors Romania

Battery Management Solution project

NXP’s scalable battery management system (BMS) can be used in industrial or automotive applications. The BMS offers high measurement accuracy after soldering and aging and ISO 26262 support up to ASIL D functional safety capability. The SW part is developed in Romania.

OxidOS Automotive


Creating a universal solution by combining a modular Rust-based Embedded OS for seamless portability across microcontrollers and a virtualization layer allowing binary code execution on various environments, from cloud simulations to multi-architecture processors and diverse microcontrollers.

Prodinf Software SRL

Enterprise Sanagement System that Allows for Holistic and Agile Management

Enhanced ERP solution to meet contemporary market demands by integrating cutting-edge technologies and adopting SAP’s Open UI framework, providing a state-of-the-art solution for modern management and adaptability to market changes.

Quartz Matrix Srl

QLEAP EcoSync: Bridging Sustainability and Operations with IoT CO2 Footprint Integration

The QLEAP IoT Platform, developed by our Research and Development team, offers diverse functionalities like Energy Efficiency and Maintenance Management. With the addition of CO2 Footprint calculation, it aligns seamlessly with environmental sustainability and ESG initiatives. By combining smart metering with predictive analytics, QLEAP enables a multi-faceted approach to utility management, leading to cost reductions and positioning businesses as responsible energy consumers. Key features include IoT Connectivity for comprehensive data insights, Data Transformation for informed decision-making, Energy Efficiency for resource optimization, and Maintenance Management for proactive equipment care. The CO2 Footprint Calculation feature aids in environmental responsibility, aligning with ESG policies. The platform’s future goal of integrating CO2 calculations into supply chain and transportation addresses global sustainability standards, making QLEAP a versatile solution for responsible and resilient business operations.


Monitoring electric vehicles for environmental and climate protection

Client aids public transport electrification, aligned with German government’s CO2 reduction. Qubiz chosen as IT partner for fleet management app, supporting sustainability goals through equipment monitoring.

Redbee Software SRL

Innovation and new technologies – worth buzzing about

In order to support their standard services, they have created specially designed tools and procedures to streamline development processes.

Remondis Tulcea Srl

Noi Materiale de Constructie- Blocheti Ecologici din beton cu Continut de Sticla Reciclata

Circular economy model using recyclable waste, particularly glass, to create an environmentally friendly product called ‘Ecological Concrete Block with Recycled Glass Content.’ The process involves collecting, processing, and incorporating glass waste into concrete using a proprietary recipe.

RepsMate Software S.R.L.

RepsMate Conversational Intelligence Platform

RepsMate platform analyzes all customer interactions, identifying areas for improvement and transforming them into actionable insights.


Software solution for Kardex Vertical Lift Modules. Digitization and robotization of manufacturing for a more compact footprint

Kardex, a global leader in intralogistics solutions, initiated a 2021 project to develop a new compact Vertical Lift Module (VLM), enhancing traditional storage systems. The VLM, based on “goods to person” operation, maximizes floor space by delivering goods directly to operators. It features internal weight detection, various storage trays, and advanced safety systems. rinf.tech’s objective is to develop software solutions for operating this lift system and programmable logic controllers (PLC) in the context of this technological advancement.


Panasonic Retail Dashboard Analytics Solution

Panasonic Germany collaborates with rinf.tech to develop a behavioral analytics platform for retail, leveraging integrated solutions to modernize operations and enhance customer experiences. The Retail Dashboard Analytics Solution utilizes Panasonic security cameras to provide comprehensive data analysis, enabling retailers to optimize monitoring, generate heatmaps, and deepen customer engagement throughout the shopping journey.

Romanov Invest SRL

TapPoint – Innovation with every drop

TapPoint is a cutting-edge beverage dispensing platform with a pay-per-pour system, enabling a seamless customer experience across diverse venues. The platform aims to enhance customer satisfaction, minimize waste, and optimize business operations, bringing convenience and sustainability to the beverage industry.

Schaeffler Romania

AGV- Automated Guided Vehicles: Next level in internal logistics Schaeffler Romania Logistics

A groundbreaking project introduces a paradigm shift in the manufacturing of large-size bearings [800-1600 mm]. Leveraging cutting-edge automation and digitalization, the logistic system orchestrates the seamless supply of components by robots directly to the production machines, setting a new standard for efficiency in handling large and heavy components.

Schaeffler Romania

Innovative Advancements in Rail Bearing Production: Powering Tier 1 Railway Precision

A transformative rail bearing project at the Brasov plant, initiated in 2018, that focuses on delivering highly intricate axle bearings to redefine Tier 1 railway precision. The project aims to address the evolving demands of the rail industry by establishing new production lines that meet and exceed the exacting standards of our Tier 1 rail-way customers.

Schaeffler Romania

Innovative Giants: Schaeffler’s Automated Forge, Pioneering the Largest Forging Line

The project centers around the Brasov forging line, established in 2009, which stands as the largest forge within the Schaeffler Group. This state-of-the-art line operates completely automatically, ensuring a safe and efficient forging process for various types of rings used in the Wind Industry and beyond.

Siemens S.R.L.

Siemens innovations and fully digitized solutions for the Water Treatment Industry in Romania

Siemens innovations and fully digitized solutions for the Water Treatment Industry in Romania

Stool Technologies s.r.l.

heliCOPTER Barry

A modular drone designed to lift an 80 kg payload for one hour, versatile for diverse industries such as welding, crop spraying, medical, military, and more.


When in need, innovate

In response to challenges identified at international trade fairs, TELETIM innovatively redesigned our products into compact knock-down packages, specifically addressing issues with transporting metal beds into narrow stairways in English homes and reducing high transport costs through a new, precision-focused production line.


Retrofeed: Decarbonization of Steel Industry – Implementation of a smart RETROfitting framework in the process industry

Retrofeed (Decarbonization of Steel Industry – Implementation of a smart RETROfitting framework in the process industry towards its operation with variable, biobased and circular economy enhancing Decarbonization and Industrial Symbiosis), a Horizon 2020 project, aims to develop eco-friendly technology for injecting alternative materials into steel production, reducing carbon emissions by utilizing recycled steel scrap and alternative materials in electric arc furnaces, contributing to a sustainable and low-carbon footprint steel industry.

Tresoil Biofuels SRL

TRESOILPower2X Danube Waste Plastic to Hydrogen

“TRESOILPower2X focuses on Waste-to-Hydrogen/Ammonia solutions, aiming to convert 50 tonnes of plastic waste daily into energy through an innovative, modular, and eco-friendly waste-to-energy pilot complex. Their mission is to contribute to a sustainable future by transforming waste materials into valuable resources and mitigating climate change.


„Caiac SMile” Sports Club Association

Sports for people with disabilities

The project aims at teaching as many disabled people as possible to ski. Every winter season they organize a minimum of 6 ski camps at different ski resorts from all regions of the country, and teach special-needs people how to use sit-skis (special adaptive skiing equipment). Last season over 1000 disabled people experienced the feeling of sliding down the slope guided by the team members, out of which, over 50 learned how to ski independently.