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Business Excellence

Knauf Insulation & Knauf Gips Romania


Knauf invests 200 milion euro in two factories in Romania

The Knauf Group supports Romania’s energy-saving initiative, investing around 200 million euros in expanding local plant capacity for plasterboard in Huedin and glass mineral wool in Tarnaveni. The investment emphasizes innovation, technology integration, and adherence to high standards for energy efficiency and environmental impact, creating 200 new jobs in the process.

AROBS Transilvania Software

AROBS Transilvania Software – 25 years of business excellence

AROBS Transilvania Software, founded in 1998, is a leading Romanian tech group and the largest IT company on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. With a strong international presence, it has integrated nine companies, expanding expertise in various fields like Lab Automation, Embedded Software, Automotive, and Fleet Management. The success is attributed to a dedicated team, fostering a culture of excellence and teamwork, recognized through awards such as Supplier of the Year and Best Managed Company.

Infineon Technologies in Romania

Semiconductor chip research and development taken to the next level: Infineon expands its R&D network in Romania

In 2005, Infineon established a small semiconductor R&D center in Romania, which has since grown into a key global player. Recent developments include the acquisition and integration of NoBug Consulting, the opening of new semiconductor development centers in Iasi and Brasov, and a decision to scale up the location and labs in Bucharest with a custom high-tech R&D center. These initiatives strengthen Infineon’s position, focusing on complex IoT product development and addressing challenges in decarbonization and digitalization.

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Our employees - our success

Bosch Group in Romania


Work #LikeABosch – A rock solid promise to our current and future employees

Bosch Group, a global technology and services leader, thrives in Romania across 6 cities, providing career opportunities for 9800+ employees in nearly 30 years. Their #PeopleMatter strategy focuses on education investment, attracting skilled professionals, and nurturing talent, aiming for a unified employer voice and meaningful employee experiences aligned with Bosch’s goal of enabling connected living through AI-infused products and solutions. Enclosed presentation offers detailed insights.

Kaufland Romania

Kaufland A.C.C.E.S. Program

Kaufland’s A.C.C.E.S. Program, launched in 2019, focuses on employing and integrating individuals with disabilities. The company values all skills, considering every role essential, making inclusivity a priority. With at least one colleague with disabilities in each location, Kaufland aims to provide more positions for people with disabilities across all units in Romania, resulting in over 450 participants in the program. The company actively supports inclusion events and implements special projects like Diversity Carts and the Kaufland Dance Talk Challenge to promote diversity and address specific challenges, such as hearing impairments.


Siemens Talents’ Hub – the unique growth opportunity

“Siemens Talents Hub” – our program dedicated to students, evolves every year, and addresses the generational learning differences. We adapt every year the technical and soft skills trainings our interns attend, the educational projects they are involved in, so they have access to cutting-edge technologies and hands-on learning experiences. This leads to an increased retention rate for the company, an increased sense of pride and belonging for our colleagues, and even updating the specific University curriculum.

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Responsability for the future



The sustainable development of waste management in the concept “The sustainable development of waste management in the context of the circular economy in Iasi city”

The project focuses on enhancing waste management in Iasi through a comprehensive approach, involving upgraded collection points, modernized machinery adhering to Euro 6 standards, e-programs for optimized routes, video monitoring, RFID on containers, and improved digital services. Additionally, it addresses air quality, collaborates with NGOs for Weee collection, and emphasizes communication through promotion campaigns.

Grup Feroviar Roman

GFR School

Grup Feroviar Român (GFR), the leading company of GRAMPET group, is Romania’s largest private rail freight transport operator, employing over 1,084 people in 2022, with 60% being under 40. Notably, GFR established the GFR School in 2017 to address the shortage of skilled railway professionals, offering diverse courses for roles like locomotive engineer, train master, and more. The school is inclusive, welcoming individuals in professional reconversion or unemployment insurance, as well as secondary school/professional school graduates aspiring for railway jobs.

Rodagria Produce Cooperativa Agricola

Rodagria Agriculture Cooperative

The Rodagria Agriculture Cooperative, established in 2015, practices regenerative agriculture on 58 hectares, cultivating cherries, strawberries, raspberries, various fruit trees, and cereals. They promote an economically and energetically sustainable circular model, aiming to support local development and combat climate change. The cooperative focuses on product diversification, social welfare, and eco-friendly practices. Their products are sold through various channels, including stores, online platforms, and events. Notably, they own facilities like a cold store, fruit processing line, and beehives. Regenerative practices involve forest protection, solar panels, pollination by bees, and habitat creation. The cooperative is involved in climate impact evaluation and collaborates with universities and organizations. They plan expansion, with a new store, educational projects, and events to engage the community and promote sustainable agriculture. The ultimate goal is to inspire a social movement towards regenerative agriculture for a resilient and sustainable future.

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Innovation and new technologies

Siemens S.R.L.


Siemens innovations and fully digitized solutions for the Water Treatment Industry in Romania

Siemens innovations and fully digitized solutions for the Water Treatment Industry in Romania


AI-Enhanced and Modernized Digital Platform for Intelligent Sewer Inspections

Evozon’s project introduces an AI-driven digital platform for sewer inspections, enhancing traditional processes with efficient data management, cloud solutions, and AI-based damage detection. The platform’s adaptability to various data types, including video, enables dynamic display and extraction of information from robot-generated content. The advanced AI system excels in identifying and locating damages through video analysis, providing precise visual representations and supporting batch actions for streamlined workflow. The platform’s scalability and integration capabilities signify a groundbreaking solution, showcasing innovation in sewer infrastructure and inspection services, meeting current demands while paving the way for future advancements in the industry.

Tresoil Biofuels SRL

TRESOILPower2X Danube Waste Plastic to Hydrogen

“TRESOILPower2X focuses on Waste-to-Hydrogen/Ammonia solutions, aiming to convert 50 tonnes of plastic waste daily into energy through an innovative, modular, and eco-friendly waste-to-energy pilot complex. Their mission is to contribute to a sustainable future by transforming waste materials into valuable resources and mitigating climate change.