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Our employees, our success Projects

AROBS Transilvania Software

AROBS ESOP – Employee Stock Option Plan

Implementing the ESOP program enhanced team growth, aligning company success with individual achievements. The strategic move, aimed at motivating and retaining employees, culminated in the third ESOP round, integrating with group companies and achieving a milestone with AROBS’s listing on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Beiersdorf Romania SRL

Diversity & Inclusion NIVEA Romania

Beiersdorf, the producer of NIVEA products, prioritizes Diversity & Inclusion, demonstrated by its participation in Bucharest PRIDE week 2023, sending a strong message of support for diversity both at work and in society. The company emphasizes the right for everyone to feel good in their skin, promoting acceptance and tolerance. In addition, Beiersdorf has achieved over 50/50 gender parity in leadership positions in Romania, with 5 out of 7 management positions held by women.


Bosch Group in Romania

Work #LikeABosch – A rock solid promise to our current and future employees.

Bosch Group, a global technology and services leader, thrives in Romania across 6 cities, providing career opportunities for 9800+ employees in nearly 30 years. Their #PeopleMatter strategy focuses on education investment, attracting skilled professionals, and nurturing talent, aiming for a unified employer voice and meaningful employee experiences aligned with Bosch’s goal of enabling connected living through AI-infused products and solutions. Enclosed presentation offers detailed insights.

Bosch Group in Romania

Initiatives for education

Bosch Romania values education and we believe that a good one can lead to successful associates and a successful company. Therefore, our initiatives for education have a large palette of activities and programs which includes students and the academic sector. Our goal is to prepare the next generation.

Carpathian Transport Line GmbH

Our Success: Developing a culture of growth and achievement

The project aims to describe the environment in which our team carried out its activity, in order to obtain a state of well-being that allows even better performance and results.

Computer Generated Solutions Romania

Technology and Retention

In a tumultuous period, where companies are trying to prevent resignations and increase retention, it is a challenge to find the best approach at the right time. Therefore, CGS Romania developed an internal tool to increase the level of predictability regarding the staff turnover phenomenon.

Continental Romania

Great people culture #peopleofcontinental

Continental, one of Romania’s largest employers with over 19,000 staff in 2022, emphasizes technical roles, particularly with a third being engineers and IT specialists. Recognized as a top employer for the 6th consecutive year in 2023, the company’s growth, adding 1,500 employees in 2022, aligns with a strategic focus on diversity, leadership, flexibility, and learning.

DAR Dräxlmaier Automotive S.R.L.

Navigating the future of HR

Our HR team as transformation leader to Agile, in our organization. HR has a key role in the developing of the strong competence center for E-mobility Electronics and in the culture transformation.

DRM DRAEXLMAIER Romania Sisteme Electrice

Transformation Program

Customized Change Program dedicated to first and second line of DRÄXLMAIER plant Satu Mare leadership

DTR Draexlmaier Sisteme Tehnice Romania

Young Talents @ Draexlmaier Codlea

The Young Talents @ Draexlmaier project was an out of the box Internship program. It had several pre-recruitment and selection stages that made it different than all other such programs.

Kaufland Romania

Kaufland A.C.C.E.S. Program

Kaufland’s A.C.C.E.S. Program, launched in 2019, focuses on employing and integrating individuals with disabilities. The company values all skills, considering every role essential, making inclusivity a priority. With at least one colleague with disabilities in each location, Kaufland aims to provide more positions for people with disabilities across all units in Romania, resulting in over 450 participants in the program. The company actively supports inclusion events and implements special projects like Diversity Carts and the Kaufland Dance Talk Challenge to promote diversity and address specific challenges, such as hearing impairments.

LEONI Rimania

LEONI la feminin

LEONI Romania, a major cable and automotive wiring systems manufacturer, emphasizes inclusion and gender equality. Their “LEONI in Feminine” campaign highlights the significant contribution of over 70% women in blue-collar roles and ensures gender equality in leadership positions, with women comprising half of the managers. The campaign aims to communicate the importance of gender equality for LEONI and express gratitude to the women in their team.

Logwin Romania

Motivated People = Excellent results

Our project describes the general HR actions meant to establish and develop the LOGWIN branch in Romania


Wellbeing Strategy

mindit.io has been awarded the third place in the Romanian National Top Wellbeing Employer of the Year 2023, recognized as the most Innovative Wellbeing Employer. The company prioritizes a people-first culture, offering benefits that support physical, emotional, and mental wellness. The People & Culture team continuously updates strategies to ensure community happiness and well-being. A fundamental leadership principle emphasizes taking action to address identified needs, promoting well-being as a non-negotiable aspect of life at mindit.io. The company values and promotes a diverse and inclusive environment, believing in the uniqueness of each individual’s story.

MSE - Majorel Strategy & Expertise S.R.L.

Our Employees-Our Success

Majorel’s “Our Employees-Our Success” initiative fosters a positive workplace, boosting morale and retention. Developed with the marketing team, the program includes cultural events, philanthropy, and the ‘Feel Good Program’ to enhance the overall well-being of team members, recognizing the connection between employee happiness and customer satisfaction.

National Company Unifarm

A Partnership Agreement for the implementation of the “VIA” project – “Vocation, Interests, Self-knowledge and Development, the road to professional success” and Post-graduate studies “Crisis management in the field of medicine supply” – University of Medicine and Pharmacy « Carol Davila » Bucharest

UNIFARM launched a pilot project to highlight the significance of the pharmacist’s product-focused role. The initiative focuses on career guidance for university students in medical and social services, aiming to integrate them into the pharmaceutical labor market through expert counseling from UNIFARM specialists and reputable HR professionals.

Premium Aerotec SRL

Premium Ramp-up 2023

Objective: Expand the team by 250 members by year-end, facing challenges of recruiting candidates with high technical skills in a competitive job market. Mission: Achieve team growth in a sustainable manner amidst complex industrial processes and dynamic regional competition. Started with 713 colleagues in January 2023.

Redbee Software SRL

Our hive – our success

Some of the endeavors include a wide array of impactful projects and initiatives, aiming to strategically intertwine HR initiatives into our core fabric.

Schaeffler Romania

The Annual Schaeffler Romania Award Gala rewards employees for personal contributions in 5 categories

The Annual Schaeffler Awards Gala celebrates the outstanding contributions of employees who promote and cultivate the company’s values. All 5000+ employees are invited to make nominations through a dedicated application and in written format. All nominations are evaluated by a jury, formed in equal measure by management and work committee, in a two step evaluation. The winners are revealed in a festive Gala with hundreds of participants.


Siemens promotes gender equity in a male-dominated industry

The tech industry offers a wealth of opportunities, especially for women. While engineering is considered as a male-dominated work field, Siemens has set the goal of achieving a 30% share of women in top management by 2025. However, at present, we consider women are significantly underrepresented within Siemens, especially at management levels and in business functions. One of our most pressing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategic objectives is to change that.


Siemens Talents’ Hub – the unique growth opportunity

“Siemens Talents Hub” – our program dedicated to students, evolves every year, and addresses the generational learning differences. We adapt every year the technical and soft skills trainings our interns attend, the educational projects they are involved in, so they have access to cutting-edge technologies and hands-on learning experiences. This leads to an increased retention rate for the company, an increased sense of pride and belonging for our colleagues, and even updating the specific University curriculum.

TenarisSilcotub (SC Silcotub SA)

TenarisSilcotub Technical Gene Program – A guide towards accomplished technical careers for teenagers – from secondary school to university

Comprehensive guide for teenagers pursuing technical careers, encompassing career orientation for 8th graders (”Cariere Meseriase”), Roberto Rocca Scholarships for high school and university students, a specialized program for 11th graders, enhancement of technical education in Zalău and Călărași, and industrial practice initiatives for both high school and university students. Targeting individuals aged 13 to 22, the strategy spans from secondary school to university, fostering self-discovery and preparation for technical careers.

WIngsrom Flying Quality Products

Threats become opportunities

The COVID-induced crisis impacted the aviation and HoReCa industries, leading to a disappearance of training budgets. To counter this, focus shifted to identifying EU-funded development projects.
In a traditionally male-dominated mechanical processing field, a major local employer faced challenges in recruiting operators. A successful strategy involved targeting and training girls, resulting in a positive outcome.