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Business Excellence Projects

ABCWords Gmbh

The power of two 

Dedicated to bridging language gaps, we specialize in translation and cross-cultural communication, enabling businesses to thrive in Romanian and German-speaking markets. Our goal is to elevate your brand through effective multilingual communication.

AROBS Transilvania Software

AROBS Transilvania Software – 25 years of business excellence

AROBS Transilvania Software, founded in 1998, is a leading Romanian tech group and the largest IT company on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. With a strong international presence, it has integrated nine companies, expanding expertise in various fields like Lab Automation, Embedded Software, Automotive, and Fleet Management. The success is attributed to a dedicated team, fostering a culture of excellence and teamwork, recognized through awards such as Supplier of the Year and Best Managed Company.


AVI PROD GRUP Reengineering

AVI PROD GRUP initiated a comprehensive organizational reengineering project in 2022, adopting the Lean Six Sigma approach due to company growth and the establishment of subsidiaries in Germany and Canada. Simultaneously, they began implementing the ERP “Oracle E-Business Suite” to align with the reengineered processes. The company aimed to achieve stable and scalable performance, reduce operating expenses by over 10%, and enhance customer satisfaction from 90% to 95% through these strategic endeavors.


AXON Sustainable growth 2021-2024

Over the past 5 years, AXON’s focus has been on sustainable company development through organic growth. This involves increasing sales and fostering healthy growth within the team while maintaining a consistent 100% project success rate.

Bauer Kompressoren Romania​

Best start up company 2023!

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN, founded in July 2022, achieved remarkable growth within a year, producing breathing air compressors (220-420 bars) with a team of 160 trained employees. The plant, equipped with machines from Germany, operates at full capacity, producing over 800 compressors monthly, leading to a sales increase from 0 to 2 million euros in under 10 months.

Bayer Romania

eCOM in Romania

The rollout of eCOM in Romania by helping our customers to develop their business online and building the new channel in Romania.

Bosch Group in Romania

Exceptional growth & increasing turnover

Bosch achieved approximately 4% growth in Romania, with 2.5 billion lei (512 million euros) in consolidated sales. Total net sales reached 10.6 billion lei (2.1 billion euros), reflecting a nearly 29% increase. The company invested 410 million lei (83 million euros) and emphasized commitment to education, sustainability, and being a reliable partner in educational projects. Despite anticipated challenges, Bosch had a positive start in 2023, with around 9,830 employees, marking a 12% increase from the previous year.

Bulboacă & Asociații SPARL

Project Frost 

With an action cohesion similar to SEAL teams and a mindset profile akin to investment banks, the law firm Bulboacă and Asociații SPARL meticulously navigated through the layers to achieve a historically impactful financing for the Frigoglass Group. The lawyers from Bulboacă and Asociații once again assumed a double role of representation in the same hill, an extremely rare fact in the financial world. members of the Banking and Financing Law team being properly organized, in the form of a “Chinese Wall”, to avoid any conflict of interests.

Computer Generated Solutions Romania

Speech analysis through artificial intelligence

Speech analytics employs AI to listen and analyze agent conversations in voice calls, facilitating the effortless analysis of vast amounts of unstructured data.


Shaping Excellence: Conlan’s Evolution Beyond Challenges

CONLAN Group’s 2022 ODU project, valued at 8.5 million EUR, signifies significant professional growth and exemplifies the company’s commitment to excellence. Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the project showcases the team’s determination, adaptability, and timely delivery, underscoring CONLAN Group’s steadfast commitment to partners and project excellence.

Continental Romania

Latest Business News from Continental Romania

Between 1999 and 2022, Continental invested over €2.2 billion in its Romanian operations, boasting representation across all three corporate sectors. With six production units and five R&D centers in cities like Timisoara and Sibiu, the company employed over 19,000 colleagues, over a third of whom are engineers. Continental actively participated in the Timisoara Capitala Culturala 2023 Program, supporting various projects with significant financial contributions. Notably, they inaugurated a new R&D building, expanded an automotive mega factory, opened new laboratories, and invested in infrastructure across different locations, positioning themselves for future business development. Additionally, Continental Romania collaborated on the IPCEI program with partners from the Romanian business environment.

Continental Romania

Latest investments of Continental in Romania

Continental’s presence in Romania is over €2.2 billion invested in buildings, equipment, technologies and, most, the development of people. In 2022 only, the company invested approximately €180 million in Romania and for 2023, Continental Romania has planned investments of comparable value, both in terms of the expansion and modernization of the locations, as well as in new equipment and production lines.

Continental Romania

Continental is the initiator, promoter, and facilitator of the IPCEI Council in Romania

Continental initiated the council, formed with Bosch and NXP, that managed to successfully win 3 major projects for the Romanian semiconductors industry. The three companies will develop investments in chips, with funding from National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR). The total funding granted amounts to 420 million euro. Alongside the companies, 24 entities from academic world and small and medium enterprises (indirect participants) are also involved.

CPC Consulting

ERP Integration Program for Senec Germany

Transformed a German renewables business by implementing an ERP system, streamlining operations in finance, warehousing, and accounting. Achieved monthly and yearly account closing compliant with German laws and IFRS requirements, reducing OPEX by 30% and turnover time by 50%. Integrated international teams, closed accounting gaps, and digitized 60% of the delivery chain, resulting in a 60% reduction in tools and shortening the controlling cycle from 18 months to 1 day.


“Perfexion: A Journey of Perfecting Business Excellence”

Perfexion – Elevating Luxury Paper Bag Manufacturing
Redefining luxury paper bag manufacturing through innovative design, sustainability, and a customer-centric approach.

Cte Solution Utilaje Specializate Srl

Build partnerships for succesfull businesses

The company, founded with a vision of excellence, has evolved into a top-level manufacturer of complex solutions. Strategic partnerships with leading suppliers and a commitment to the latest technologies have solidified its position. Equidistant client relations, professional team development, and adherence to environmental standards have contributed to a 70% increase in sales from 2021 to 2023. The company’s success is marked by customer satisfaction, turn-key projects, and handling increasingly complex ventures through partnerships with renowned international companies.

DAR Dräxlmaier Automotive S.R.L.

E-mobility production launch

Dräxlmaier managed to launch a brand-new production portfolio in e-mobility less than 1 year.

Flextronics Romania SRL (FLEX Ltd)

Flex Timisoara – The road to excellence

In 2021, Flex Timisoara established a S&BE department to develop and maintain a three-year site strategy (2022-2024), enhancing customer and employee satisfaction, financial performance, and overall business growth. Through the implementation of best practices, the company achieved improved operational efficiencies and cost reductions, strategically positioning itself for sustained success.


Fast growing accounting company

From zero clients&zero turnover to 1 million turnover in 5 years, marking a triumphant success for a 100% Romanian accounting service


h4l – The Village

H4L – The Village in Pipera, situated on 270,000 sqm of green lakeside land, features 1136 houses (P+1) with 35-70 sqm gardens and 148 premium townhouses (P+2) with 100-200 sqm gardens, setting new standards for housing quality in Romania.

Infineon Technologies in Romania

Semiconductor chip research and development taken to the next level: Infineon expands its R&D network in Romania

In 2005, Infineon established a small semiconductor R&D center in Romania, which has since grown into a key global player. Recent developments include the acquisition and integration of NoBug Consulting, the opening of new semiconductor development centers in Iasi and Brasov, and a decision to scale up the location and labs in Bucharest with a custom high-tech R&D center. These initiatives strengthen Infineon’s position, focusing on complex IoT product development and addressing challenges in decarbonization and digitalization.

Klaus Multiparking Systems

Klaus Multiparking Systems: Excellence in Parking solutions

Klaus, with 23 years of experience, is the leading force in Romania’s parking industry, revolutionizing urban mobility through innovative multi-storey car parks that enhance efficiency, reduce congestion, and prioritize sustainable urban development.

Knauf Insulation & Knauf Gips Romania

Knauf invests 200 milion euro in two factories in Romania

The Knauf Group supports Romania’s energy-saving initiative, investing around 200 million euros in expanding local plant capacity for plasterboard in Huedin and glass mineral wool in Tarnaveni. The investment emphasizes innovation, technology integration, and adherence to high standards for energy efficiency and environmental impact, creating 200 new jobs in the process.

LEONI Romania

Unlocking Future in Mobility: LEONI’s Path to Excellence

Starting from 2016, LEONI Romania has been actively involved in the automotive industry’s transformation toward electrification. The company has played a significant role as a producer of cables and wiring systems for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Meggle Romania

Business development in Romania

Adapting business model amid pandemic, addressing raw material and packaging challenges, managing price fluctuations. Prioritizing brand image through targeted communication campaigns, emphasizing key categories, and supporting market prices. Strategic focus on increasing market share and enhancing consumer confidence in Meggle products.

Melsam Construction

Primark Park Lake and Afi Cotroceni

Primark, one of the largest fashion retailers worldwide, decided to expand their store network into CEE region, starting with Bucharest, Romania. Melsam was appointed as general contractor. The first objective was the fit-out contract for their first official store in the CEE region. It comprised of about 5000 smq of high-class retail space inside Park Lake mall, using sustainable technologies, materials and waste management.

Metarom Industries srl

Torispherical heads, elipsoidal heads. dished bottoms for tanks, spherical heads, eliptical bottoms, etc

Production of torispherical heads, elipsoidal heads. dished bottoms for tanks, spherical heads, eliptical bottoms, etc

METRO Romania

METRO’s development strategy for LaDoiPași franchise: building the largest independent entrepreneurial community in Romania

In 2023, LaDoiPași celebrated its 2000th store inauguration with “The Future is LaDoiPași” events, including a National Conference attended by 3000 participants. METRO’s strategy to support traditional trade and LaDoiPași’s future development plans were highlighted, culminating in a special awards Gala and a unique show featuring renowned Romanian artists.


mindit.io: Transforming Business Excellence through Custom Software Engineering

Mindit.io excels in Business Excellence through custom software product engineering, boasting a dynamic team of 250+ IT specialists with expertise in AI, business intelligence, data analytics, and integration services—a steadfast partner for driving business growth and impactful outcomes.

MPR Partners

Our client satisfaction

As legal services providers, our achievements are measured in client satisfaction and matter success. Either a hurdle free merger, a successful reorganization, or a matter won for our clients are all testimonies of projects well done. A recurring client is one of the best proofs about our excellent representation and uality service provided. For instance, we are retained anew by the Romanian Ministry of Public Finance in an ICSID Arbitration.


Teleperformance’s Business Excellence

Teleperformance’s “Business Excellence” initiative in Romania has transformed its BPO approach, emphasizing growth, innovation, and service quality. Over three years, they expanded their team, redefined the business model, and solidified their position as a standard for excellence in the regional BPO sector.

Oves Enterprise SRL

Transition of the core business model

Oves Enterprise, rooted in Cluj, showcases innovation not just in ideas but in bringing them to life. Evolving from IT projects to self-produced dual-purpose drones, their long-term vision fuels growth and positions them at the forefront of digital transformation, ready to pioneer future solutions.

PENNY | REWE Romania

Triple RO (3RO)

In 2020, the 3RO initiative was launched to increase the presence of products 100% made in Romania, with the main ingredient sourced locally. After three years of preparation and collaboration, the initiative was officially launched at the end of 2022, promoting products meeting specific criteria in PENNY stores. The 3RO symbol, certified by the National Authority for Consumers Protection, signifies genuine Romanian origin.

PRIA Conferences SRL

Contributing to making connections between businesses in Romania and also Moldova

The PRIA CONFERENCES provide a platform for participants to gain insights from top speakers, engage in discussions, and stay updated on legislation through real-life examples and case studies. With a commitment to responsibility, PRIAevents aims to inspire change and foster learning and development for businesses.

Redbee Software SRL

Performance powered by results

Driven by excellence since 2018, their journey can be defined in a few words: performance powered by results. This can be empirically supported by the growth in turnover over the years.

Schaeffler Romania

Essential large size bearings for the world’s most powerful offshore wind turbine: Haliade-X, General Electric

GE Renewable Energy has developed the Haliade-X 14 MW, the most powerful offshore wind turbine in operation in the world out of its portfolio, with the main bearing produced in the Large Size Bearings Segment > 1.600 mm in Brasov, Romania.

SCP "Hirsch, Marinescu & Partners" SCA

SCP “Hirsch, Marinescu & Partners” SCA – contribution by knowledge

SCPA Hirsch Marinescu & Partners proposes initiatives ranging from HR projects and vocational education to legislative framework proposals, showcasing commitment to excellence, employee well-being, education, and diversity. The AHK Awards 2023 submission emphasizes their holistic approach and aims for recognition in fostering a progressive work environment.


Pirelli extension in Slatina

In 2022, Pirelli expanded its partnership with WDP, increasing the production capacity of its Slatina factory for the second time. The new built-to-suit facility, developed by WDP, adds 73,628 m², making the total Pirelli warehouse surface 137,400 m², now the largest single-company building in WDP’s Romanian portfolio.