Meet the 2022 finalist projects

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Business Excellence

E-Mobility Transformation


DAR Dräxlmaier Automotive SRL

DRÄXLMAIER Timișoara was transformed from a wiring harness plant to a high-tech components & battery plant in the last 2 years. Next to the modernization of the existing site infrastructure the following categories and topics were also addressed to reach operational excellence for the new business: People, Processes, Information and Organization.In parallel the plant extension was planned and is in execution for the increasing E-mobility business.

10 Years of Outstanding Development in B2B (plastic processing)

Albis Plastic SRL

Albis Plastic opened new horizons for their employees, committing to their personal impact and long-term perspectives. Consequently, they have 100% team retention since 10 years! They’ve started to attract new customers by becoming their trusted advisor, offering the widest technical polymer portfolio, developing together new applications, thus covering diverse markets and industries. As a result of this continuous action, they’ve managed to increase the number of active customers to over 600 companies, reduce the share for Automotive from 90% in 2013 to 49% in 2021, keep the opportunity pipeline full by following the new projects as well as the production transfers from Western Europe (mainly Germany) to the region and diversify their industry portfolio with pipes, wires & cables, building & construction, packaging, sports &leisure segments, thus offsetting the decline of the traditional business (automotive). Albis Plastic enlarged their presence in new territories in South-Eastern Europe (9 countries) by using  Romania as a development hub in the region.

Bayer Crop Science - Advancing Digital Customer Marketing

Bayer SRL

In the frame of an accelerated Customer-centric business strategy & a very fast pace changing competitive environment, the ability to target and to interact with Customers is key in order to secure success. The Digital Customer Marketing project Bayer deployed since 2017 with the launch of a local APP, reached in 2022 levels which allow today, to interact LIVE with Customers in any corners of the country, at any time and in key strategic moments in their Customer & Crop Journey along the 365 days of a year.

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Our employees - our success

University Cooperation Program


Bosch Group in Romania

Bosch Romania values education and believes that a good one can lead to successful associates and a successful company. Therefore, the University Cooperation program has a large palette of activities and programs which includes students and the academic sector. The goal is to prepare the next generation.

First Leadership Role Program for Shopfloor

Bosch Group in Romania

The main objective of this training program was to help new leaders develop the required skills for their new role. Hence, this program was designed and customized on the shop-floor needs. The content and the methods applied were also according to leaders’ and business current needs and based on the current trends in matter of training, with a big focus on transferring the knowledge into practice.

Talent Management & Development

DAR Dräxlmaier Automotive SRL – DRÄXLMAIER Timișoara

DRÄXLMAIER Timișoara implemented and is executing a very systematic, transparent and digitalized talent management and development since 2021. The transparent assessment of employees and talents allows goal-oriented and individual-fitting development measures. The high professional talent management is necessary to be successful in the ongoing disruptive business transformation to E-Mobility. The great success of the talent management at DRÄXLMAIER Timișoara is shown by the 99 internal promotions of employees in the last 12 month.

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Responsability for the future

Energy in Schools


E.ON România

Energy in Schools, started in 2012. At that time, the concept of sustainability was not so widely used in Romania, and CSR projects often focused only on social issues. The program aims to improve the educational infrastructure by changing the entire lighting system with an LED one, very close in quality to the natural light. Beyond the fact that these newly installed lighting systems provide about 98% of natural light, they have a much longer durability over time, are much more efficient in terms of energy consumption and with significantly less impact on the environment than in the case of the classic light bulbs. So far, E.ON România invested about 3.8 million euros in this program in the 71 schools in their area of activity, with over 43,000 direct beneficiaries. And most importantly, such an investment, in addition to reducing energy consumption, will bring an annual reduction in CO2 emissions by 600 tons compared to the old lighting systems.

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Fundaţia Bosch România

Through the umbrella Program EduCare, Fundaţia Bosch România supports sustainable initiatives in the field of education with a focus on guaranteeing and improving access to education, as well as preparing and developing education for the future. Moreover, under the same umbrella Program, Fundaţia Bosch România supports initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for children without parents who are deprived of family care and who live in public or private residential institutions. When talking about education, the first 2 educational projects Fundaţia Bosch România has funded are the Generation Centers implemented by The Margareta of Romania Royal Foundation and Științescu Fund run by the Cluj and Timișoara Community Foundations.

Cu Apele Curate
(Clean Waters)

Lidl România

The DDBRA evaluations – the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Administration – talk about 1533 tons of plastic transported annually on the Danube, the river that collects almost everything that flows through our country. Up to the Danube and next to it, water flows or lakes of any kind, accumulate huge amounts of plastic, and this leads to the destruction of aquatic biodiversity, the drastic decrease in the quality of the water we feed on and the deterioration of the landscape. The “Cu apele curate” (“Clean Waters”) program aims at both historical depollution, through actions to collect the plastic already existing in the riverbed, and measures to prevent and combat future discharges. In order to fight with a flow rate of 4.2 tons / day of waste, extensive and long-term actions are needed in the entire Danube basin and its tributaries, both in Romania and in the countries riverane.

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Innovation and new technologies

Producing advanced biofuels from agricultural residues


Clariant Products Ro SRL

Clariant’s sunliquid® technology enables the valorization of agricultural residues for the production of cellulosic ethanol, an advanced biofuel that can be used as a drop-in solution for fuel blending and offers further downstream application opportunities into sustainable aviation fuel and bio-based chemicals. The bioethanol produced by the sunliquid® technology process helps decarbonize the transport sector by providing up to 96% CO2 savings compared to fossil fuel, and by as much as 120% if carbon sequestration is considered and used as part of the production process. In October 2021, Clariant completed the construction of its first commercial sunliquid® cellulosic ethanol plant, located in Podari, Romania. The flagship plant will process approx. 250,000 tons of straw to produce approx. 50,000 tons of cellulosic ethanol per annum and represents an important step for the commercial deployment of the sunliquid® technology and thus supports Clariant’s licensing business strategy. The plant is currently under commissioning.

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Digital Farming Transformation

Bayer SRL

The project objective is to transform Bayer Romania’s CropScience division from an agriculture input provider to a digitally enabled tailored solutions provider. Bayer kicked off their Digital Transformation journey in Oct 2020. Today, they have already available digitally enabled tailored solutions which are responding to the farmers’ needs, applicable in key market segments (corn, Oilseed rape and cereals). In a nutshell, the aim is to deliver agronomic solutions which are responding to the farmer customers’ needs, by digitalizing the seeds & crop protection portfolio, embedding Bayer’s digital platform Climate FieldView as enabling element into their crops value proposition.

InnovX-BCR Accelerator


InnovX-BCR is the most ambitious hub for entrepreneurial innovation in Romania and soon, in all of CEE. Their mission is to boost the generation and adoption of innovation by creating a competitive ecosystem, stemming from the unique understanding and appreciation of: quality education, growth mindset, business knowledge and entrepreneurship culture.